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Gianpula Main Room Ranked As The 52nd Best Club In The World

Jan 2019

If you've been to Malta, you've surely partied at Gianpula Main Room, one of Malta's largest and oldest clubbing venues on the island. Gianpula Main Room at Gianpula Village continues to be one of the most loved clubs in not only Malta but also worldwide, having now been ranked as the 53nd best club in [...]
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24 Photos To Convince You To Visit Gianpula Village

Aug 2018

If the 100s of events on, the variety of gorgeous venues, or the several international and top local DJs playing every week aren't enough to convince you, then these photos should do the job! If those 24 weren't enough then we suggest following us on Instagram for more ?!
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8 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Gianpula Village This Summer

Jun 2018

Here are some reasons why you should definitely visit Gianpula Village this summer, all the benefits that come with attending the best summer events on the island! 1. Starting your night right We all know that pre-drinks are the most important part of any night, where everything still exists in the realm of promise. Gianpula […]

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